Soul Cravings Pt. 2

Why is it that we don’t reach our dreams or satisfy our “Soul Cravings?” Why is it that some of us find ourselves in the same spot week after week, month after month, or even year after year. If we set New Year resolutions we’ve fallen back into our routine or normalcy & mediocrity by month 3, if not 2.

Proverbs 21:25 says, “The desire of the sluggard puts him to death, for his hands refused to work.” Remember the Soul Craving verse? Proverbs 13:4, “The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing.” Is the bible now contradicting itself by saying, “the desires of the sluggard put him to death.” Absolutely not. For this context, there are two types of desires: 

  1. Soul Cravings: a deep internal desire God has given you to make an impact on this earth. 
  2. Destructive Desires: desires that lead to your demise and help you become absolutely nothing. Ultimately, these desires override your soul craving causing you to refuse to work toward your dreams.

If you have a soul craving, and you haven’t done anything to move the needle forward of getting it to come to pass you have Sluggard Syndrome! Why do I say Sluggard Syndrome? Because your hands refuse to work. That may not be your intention. You’re probably saying, “I really want to work toward my craving. But nothing is happening…Call it what it is! “You ain’t doing nothing!” If intentional double negatives make my words fall on deaf ears- You aren’t doing anything!!!  Your hands have refused to work! 

Don’t judge your work by your intentions. 

I’ve had four book ideas. How many of my books have you read? The answer is zero. Why? Because when it comes to doing the necessary things to get the books written, my hands have refused to work. There are excuses that I can legitimately give that involve making humans better, but the reality is when it comes to my soul craving of being an author my hands have refused to work. So call it what it is.

The bottom line is even if you don’t like what I’m saying get up and make your hands do something towards your soul craving. Do something!

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