"God didn't give everybody everything, He gave everybody something." - Jason Earls

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    Gold Creek Community Entrepreneur Breakfast

    Comedian Jason Earls talks leadership and business at Gold Creek Community’s Entrepreneur Breakfast. This blog features his slide presentation.  Read More...

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    They say the most difficult time after a natural disaster is between the 4th and 6th months. So just imagine you and your entire city not having a home to go to, a coffee stop to meet up in, or a restaurant to eat in or simply hang with love ones. Now imagine that for 4 month on top of not having your own belongings.   Read More...

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    Got Hands!

    A lot of us have dreams that don’t include our current job. This is not a result of opportunity refusing to knock, but simply because we haven’t been diligent in pursuing our dreams. Proverbs 12:24 reads, “the hand of the diligent will rule but the slack hand will be put to force labor.” The person who is not diligent in pursuing their soulful desires will have a job description that they don’t want! I’m not advocating you to go quit your job today.   Read More...

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